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 I've always been interested in Gems, Crystals, Rocks, Stones, whatever you want to call them.  When I heard that there was a way to include them in my healing practice, it was like a lightening bolt hit me!  I researched the internet to find a course that could teach me how to do it.  I found Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and did some digging.  I was very impressed that she was a National Board Certified Provider through the National Certification Board of for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, accredited through the World Metaphysical Association & the American Council of Holistic Healers.  Massage therapists can take this class and have it recognized as Continuing Education Units!

I took the Certified Crystal Healer class and became certified in January 2014.

How did you Learn How to Crystal Heal?

I have always believed that a Crystal Healing session involves three way teamwork:  the client being willing to accept, the Crystal Healer to channel healing and the Universe to supply the healing energy.

The crystals are there as helpers.  The human body can vibrate energetically at many different levels - think about being close to a negative person and being brought to their level of negativity - crystals don't change their vibrational levels like we do.  So they help by providing a steady level of vibration to allow the body to match to it.  Having the crystals on your body allows your energy centres (chakras) to attune to that vibration and stay at that vibration until something puts it out of whack again.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

As with other sessions, you will fill out some paperwork to share the reason for seeking Crystal Healing and expectations for the session.

You will then be asked to complete a visualization to get your energy flowing.

Depending on your needs, I will perform a Chakra Balancing session, a grounding session, a body grid along with some Reiki.  The session is custom tailored for your needs.  It will involve placing of stones on your body for a period of time to allow the crystals to do their work

What Can I Expect during a Crystal Healing Session?